The British Association of Social Functioning (BASF) welcomes you!

BASF celebrates human life and well-being through encouraging healthy, positive life choices

by developing and facilitating training in Human Social Functioning (HSF) and supporting our practitioners to further the use of HSF both among the caring professions and in the wider community in order to foster realisation of the full potential of each individual

Details of the 2015 Annual Conference are now available

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Are you struggling to cope in some area of your life?

Do you feel:

stuck or trapped?

a failure – not achieving what you feel you could achieve?

down, maybe with low mood levels?

what is my life for?

Are you a therapist looking for a unique assessment tool?

Something to help you:

to articulate your understanding of your client or patient at a deeper level

to clarify communication between you

to communicate a visual representation of your client’s words and emotional experience

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BASF blog

BASF blog

BASF is the UK home of Human Social Functioning which is a unique therapeutic approach. 

Find out more about Heimler and his method by clicking on this ‘Prezi’

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