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Please engage in practitioner discussion – this is often how new learning takes place and I find it very useful.  If you have something you’d like to ask or contribute. please join in.  We all have different experience and all questions however simple are useful for others.  But you also have your own experience – so please risk a comment too!

To start this off, I am re-producing the start of a discussion from Larry Baker on some scales:

“Soon after I got back from the UK, our pastor and a couple of mental health professionals were interested in “that assessment and treatment method you use.”  They suggested I sign up to conduct one of our “Fourth Sunday Forums.” That was last Sunday, the 22nd. Nine people attended.  Everyone chose to complete the scale. They were good about selecting the sub-scales most appropriate for their current situation. Several were very good at filling out their face sheets but I suggested I would do that  and “make some notes”

I found it so interesting that I did full interpretations for each one.  I have mailed back their original scales with the interpretations – most of which ran three pages. You will see in the two attachments what I realised immediately; Three of these people are in real difficulty….I could not keep these results a secret.  I fear for each of these women.  As so often occurs, the HSSF results were a complete surprise to me.  I would not have guessed that these three congregants were so troubled….”
Larry Baker
22nd June 2014

click to open the 2 pdf pages and see what you think.

Top Box Scores June 2014 Outlook Scores  – June 2014


What do you think?  What more would you want to know?


5 thoughts on “Discussion on Scale Issues

  1. Interesting Larry. I’m assuming the 3 you refer to as being in difficulties are numbers 1, 3, and 4. I think I would also have some concerns about number 5. The Top Box scores here are possibly “too good to be true”? I’m guessing that this person is Male? Two outlook scores ’rounded’ to 5, any other clues to ‘defended’ responses?

    It would be interesting to see the life diagrams on numbers 1, 3, & 4 – how ‘spiky’ do they look? Number 4 I imagine is pretty tired out, but does seem to be a bit more in touch with where she’s (?) at, even with defended Outlook scores. Whereas number 3 seems to be well out of touch and her Outlook scores are even more heavily defended aren’t they. Is number 1 open to receiving help?

  2. I wonder if you could post the Life Diagrams Larry, or send them to me so that I can post them. I wonder if you have discovered that your PC program will produce a diagram for you. Like Susan, I am often struck by those that seem to be ‘supernormal’ or their functioning is too good to be true.

  3. Life is full of surprizes. The Heimler Scale results should not come as a surprize to the participant but affirm and outwardly reflect what the participant is feeling inside. In earlier training, I was warned that feedback should not feed into negative feelings, for example, suicidal feelings, but needed to be provided in an affirming and positive way. Have you considered how you might provide feedback to these participants?

  4. I found these results to be most interesting, Larry, especially as they reflected what I feel is a typical spectrum of my present client and student population.
    I certainly picked out numbers 1, 3 and 4 as in serious need of professional help and also, like Sue, questioned number 5. For the latter it could well be as it is expressed but it is worth bearing in mind that they may be denial here. That 20 for the 5th question in t Outlook is interesting.
    As well as the life diagrams it would also be interesting to see the Family A scores, especially for 1, 3 and 4.
    Number 8 could probably do with some practical counselling on the not so good days as I guess that the frustrations are affecting the quality of the satisfaction received.
    For number 1 the Outlook score of 53.5 might be encouraging although that 20 score for Q 4 causes me concern. Would you agree?

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