HSF Resources

Some of the papers from early conferences are available for you to read and download.  These include Prof Heimler’s paper on the ‘significance of work’ which stemmed from his early work in the UK with unemployed men in London.  If you wish to know a little of the scope of research into Human Social Functioning and the Scale (HSSF), we include 2 chapters from a more recent thesis that gives an overview of research. Further HSF Resources will be made available in due course.

The First British HSF Conference 1982 in Danbury UK

The following selected chapters are available for download from:

MPhil 2008 ‘Use of the Heimler Scale of Social Functioning within the context of the Edinburgh International Health Centre’ (Elizabeth S Jones: University of Wales at Bangor)

For practitioners there are many other papers available in the members area.

Purchase Eugene Heimler’s book – Survival in Society    (first published 1975 reprinted 2010)  Now NEWLY available on Amazon

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 Other books by Heimler available on Amazon  (All books are also available in kindle as well)