What is involved in HSF training?

HSF Practitioner Certificate Course with International Licence to use the Heimler Scale.

For those trained and experienced in patient led or client centred therapy, incorporating active listening skills, the course will take place over 4 days, normally divided into 2 sets of 2 days and complemented by tutor led and supported home assignment work of a notional further *20 hours.

For those otherwise eligible but without training and experience in person centred work and active listening skills, the course will take place over 6 days, normally divided into either 2 or 3 days slots, plus the tutor supported, complementary assignment work, in this case of around *30 hours.

* Course timing is dependent on the individual’s study needs: Some students may need less time to complete while others may find considerably more time is beneficial

HSF Scale Practitioner Course with BASF Licence to Use the Scale.

This course, for those wishing to supplement their existing work with the Heimler Scale of Social Functioning, with a Licence to use the Scale diagnostically and/or therapeutically in the UK from the British Association of Social Functioning,  takes place over 3 days, plus complementary assignment work, for those with existing counselling or other equivalent person centred qualifications and over 2 sets of 2 days, plus complementary assignment work, for those who are not qualified and experienced in person centred work and have not been trained in active listening skills.

Course Content

All  courses will include the background to, and key concepts of,  HSF and the administration, analysis and both diagnostic and therapeutic use of the Heimler Scale of Social Functioning. There will be an emphasis on experiential and practical work, often in pairs or small groups.

The full Practitioner course will also include other methods, notably the Fragmenta Vitae or Slice of Life, also called the Statement; and the Dialogue, which draws upon use of the imagination and the client’s own creativity.

This full course will also include a deeper understanding of the philosophy lying beneath Heimler’s methods, how this was shaped by his personal experience and  how this is a synthesis of the major psychological theories pertaining to Heimler’s life time.

There will also be further work on the notion of the peer relationship between therapist and client and the particular interviewing skills and methods.

Current Course Dates

Survival in Society is required reading prior to undertaking any HSF training

This can be purchased from us at BASF


Former Students’ Comments

Tracy, who trained in Wrexham Wales, wrote:

“I feel a great sense of privilege, having undertaken the excellent HSF course with David Collingwood-Bell, to be able to use this wonderful diagnostic tool to facilitate others in their goal of creating meaning in their lives and in improving the quality of their lives.

I have especially taken an interest in the life and work of Eugene Heimler. I am fascinated by his experiences and how he came to develop something which can help identify and externalise, for the benefit of the person alone, their profoundly complex emotional inner life which is often unknown even to them.

I found the fragmenta vitae one of the most powerfully insightful experiences I have ever had and from such a simple process! I plan to use the HSF and other tools of the scale as a core aspect to the work I will do in hypnotherapy.

I am just starting out in this field and it has given me such confidence to know that I have a scientifically valid and reliable tool that can assist me and my clients in finding out what is causing them pain and frustration in their lives and that I can better help them in moving forward quickly with practical steps to find happiness and meaning.”